MTA reports no leak from grounded ship in Rasfari

Maldives Transport Authority (MTA) has revealed there has been no leak from the grounded cargo ship in Rasfari, Kaafu Atoll, which could damage the environment.

In a press release, MTA stated the ship contains 1,200 tonnes of low sulfur intermediate fuel oil and 80 tonnes of low sulfur marine gas oil. MTA stated the relevant authorities and the ship's owner are now working to refloat the ship without leaking any of the fuel. MTA also confirmed the ship was travelling from Tuticorin, India, to a port in South Africa without any cargo when it ran aground near Rasfari.

Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) said it is currently working to refloat the ship with assistance from other government entities and stated that a tug boat will be arriving from Sri Lanka on August 23 to refloat the ship. MNDF also stated that the ship is owned by a company in Greece and is affiliated with a local agent.

The cargo ship carrying 19 crewmen ran aground on August 19 while travelling near Rasfari after experiencing engine failure. EPA stated its initial assessment has determined that the incident has caused serious harm to the environment and that, since the incident occurred inside a protected area, it is estimated that a huge fine would be levied after the assessment is completed.

Rasfari is a popular diving spot for tourists due to its natural beauty.