Tourism sector expected to begin recovery in July

Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdullla Mausoom has stated the Maldivian tourism sector will begin recovering in July.

Speaking to PSM News, Minister Mausoom said the increase in COVID-19 cases have affected tourism and subsequently the number of tourist arrivals in June would be low. The occupancy is low despite 90% of tourist beds returning to operation, said the minister adding the government expects the tourism sector to begin recovering in the next month.

Furthermore, the minister said tourist workers are also facing challenges, with workers who were dismissed due to the COVID-19 pandemic not being able to return to work and others having to work with a reduced salary.

Statistics from the Ministry of Tourism shows around 91,200 tourists arrived in April while 64,613 arrived in May, which is a decrease of around 27,000. The number of tourist arrivals to the Maldives have diminished after the government temporarily halted issuing tourist visas to visitors from other South Asian countries.