Intelligence Audit Committee holds meeting to discuss expected results

The President's Office has stated a meeting was held with the Parliamentary Committee on National Security Services to brief them on the mandate of the Intelligence Audit Committee and the results expected from the audit.

On May 11, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih formed a four-member committee, consisting of members of the President's Office and the Attorney General's Office, to conduct an intelligence audit on the national security services over the attack on Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed on May 6. The efforts of the committee is being overseen by the National Security Advisor's Office.

The President's Office stated the main purpose of the committee is to evaluate whether anti-terrorism authorities had followed the rules and regulations in obtaining and sharing intelligence information and taking the necessary actions. The committee will also be evaluating whether the authorities worked to gain the proper intelligence information and cooperated with each other and other relevant authorities when taking action.

Furthermore, the committee will review the current resources of the authorities and the various challenges faced in conducting the mandates, in order to recommend the necessary legal changes. The President's Office stated the committee is scheduled to complete its audit quickly and submit its report to the president as soon as possible.

On May 6, Speaker Nasheed was severely injured after an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was triggered near his residence. Nasheed underwent a 16-hour operation at ADK Hospital after the attack, and is currently in Germany for further treatment. Maldives Police Service has arrested multiple suspects over the attack, including the individual who allegedly detonated the IED.