412 promotional activities conducted this year: MMPRC

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has stated the corporation has conducted 412 activities this year to promote tourism in the Maldives.

Speaking to PSM News, Managing Director of MMPRC Thoyyib Mohamed said MMPRC has undertaken several important promotional activities this year including a travel agent training programme, where travel agents were briefed on the products and experiences available in the Maldives and how it can be marketed. Thoyyib said MMPRC has also launched collaborative efforts with several major international airlines such as Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways, to promote and advertise the Maldives. He said MMPRC has conducted a total of 412 promotional activities this year, including 314 activities amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking on the historic achievement of the Maldives in winning the award for the World’s Leading Destination at the 2020 World Travel Awards, Thoyyib said the achievement was the result of hard work and determination of all involved in the tourism industry. He said the award is a significant boost to the efforts to promote the Maldives to tourists, noting the award can be included in all marketing and promotional material of resorts.

Maldives won the award for World’s Leading Destination after competing with 22 countries. This is the first time the Maldives has won this award.