Two patients in Funadhoo Medical Facility recover from COVID-19

Two COVID-19 patients who had been undergoing treatment at the medical facility in Funadhoo, Shaviyani Atoll have been released after making a full recovery.

The two patients were a 59-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman from Maalhendhoo, Noonu Atoll. The couple had been brought to the Funadhoo Medical Facility on September 13 after the woman started to have breathing difficulties. Shaviyani Atoll Hospital revealed the couple was released from the medical facility on September 21, after making a full recovery from COVID-19.

Four patients have so far been treated at the Funadhoo Medical Facility, which was established to treat COVID-19 patients in the northern zone. Patients who are brought to the facility are high-risk patients and patients whose condition becomes severe or critical. There are 20 ICU beds and 37 isolation beds in the facility.