13,516 tourist arrivals recorded since July 15

Maldives Immigration has revealed 13,516 tourists have visited the Maldives, since reopening borders in July.

Maldives reopened its borders for tourist operations on July 15, more than three months after borders were closed due to COVID-19. The statistics of Immigration showed the number of tourist arrivals increased 61% in August compared to July. The statistics further revealed 4,458 tourist visited the country from September 1-15, while most number of arrivals were recorded in September 13 with 486 arrivals. Meanwhile, the least number of arrivals were recorded in September 2 with 122 arrivals.

So far this month, 656 and 539 tourists visited the Maldives from UAE and Russia respectively. The third highest arrivals so far in September was recorded from US with 502 arrivals.

Ministry of Tourism and Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMRPC) have been conducting several marketing and promotional activities to encourage tourist arrivals and revive the tourism industry which has been hit hard by the pandemic.