Supreme Court conducts a record number of trials and hearings in 2020

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Maldives Ahmed Mu’thasim Adnan has revealed the court has conducted a record number of trials and hearings in 2020.

In a video message released to mark the 12th anniversary of the apex court, the Chief Justice said the Supreme Court has undertaken important measures to ensure there are no obstacles in the path to justice, despite the challenges faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this regard, the Chief Justice said the court has been conducting trials and hearings virtually to ensure the justice system is able to provide an uninterrupted service to the public, while also ensuring the health and safety of court staff.

The Chief Justice added this year has set new milestones for the Supreme Court, as the court has conducted more trials and hearings this year than any other year in its history. As such, he noted the court has concluded the trials of 49 cases in the past one year, as compared to the average of 24 cases completed per year during previous years. He revealed the court has conducted 251 hearings in the past one year.

Concluding his remarks, Chief Justice Muthasim acknowledged and appreciated the hard work and dedication of the judges and staff of the court which made the success possible. He also acknowledged the assistance and support provided by the Department of Judicial Administration (DJA), Judicial Service Commission (JSC), lower courts and other state institutions.