22 liveaboards permitted to resume operations

Ministry of Tourism has permitted 22 liveaboards to resume operations in the Maldives.

Resorts and liveaboards have been allowed to resume services in the Maldives following the reopening of the borders on July 15. However, liveaboards require a special permission from the tourism ministry before resuming operations in order to ensure the vessels meet the safety standards following the COVID-19 pandemic. National Boating Association of the Maldives (NBAM) revealed 22 liveaboards have fulfilled the safety criteria set by the ministry and have been given permission to resume operations on July 29.

NBAM revealed the liveaboards which have acquired permits have been receiving bookings, while tourists have also arrived at some of the vessels. However, NBAM has instructed liveaboards not to provide any services before receiving permission to resume operations by the ministry. NBAM has also instructed other liveaboards to apply for permission to resume operations well in advance of the intended date to resume services, as the process of issuing permission can take long.

Although only 22 liveaboards are currently permitted to operate in the Maldives, there are over 100 such vessels registered in the Maldives.