PSM launches ‘Zero Rubber’ campaign

Public Service Media (PSM) has launched a campaign to reduce single-use plastic at work.

The initiative titled Sunn Rabaru (Zero Rubber) was launched in efforts to reduce waste and embrace sustainable practices. At an event held at PSM, all staff have been provided with refillable glass bottles for drinking water after installing dispensers in PSM Radio Building and TV Building.

Managing Director of PSM Ali Khalid described the move as very useful and progressive in efforts to reduce single-use plastic at work. Speaking to PSM News, the managing director said this is the beginning of the transition to an entirely paperless, digital office. He called for the support of all employees in minimising waste in efforts to a sustainable tomorrow.

The Zero Rubber campaign of PSM is part of its larger campaign ‘Shey’ aimed at reducing waste, embracing efficiency and use sustainable practices at workplace. PSM has run various campaigns under ‘Shey’ and the institution expects to launch additional campaigns to make the work more environmentally friendly.