Date to reopen guest houses uncertain: Tourism Ministry

Ministry of Tourism has stated a certain date to resume the guest house operations has not yet been decided, although it was previously decided to resume the services next month coinciding the eases in lockdown and the reopening of the international borders.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC), Senior Executive Director at Tourism Ministry Ali Razzan said the date allocated to resume the operations of guest houses is tentative as of now. Razzan said a date was allocated in the guidelines formulated referring to the expected situation in efforts to resume operations as soon as the situation enables. He revealed extensive deliberations are required before making a decision as the matter directly affects the population in islands, adding the guideline is reviewed every 14 days.

Speaking at the press, Epidemiologist at the Health Protection Agency (HPA) Dr. Ibrahim Afzal expressed the resumption of guest house operations depend on the restrictions eased under the next phase. He noted it also depends on the COVID-19 control measures, facilities and the health service capacity of the islands.

Tourist resorts are opened by July and guest houses are expected to be opened by August, as per the Maldives Safe Tourism Guidelines compiled in a bid to revive the hard-hit tourism industry.