All passengers must fill online health declaration form: HEOC

Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC) says all passengers arriving and departing the country are required to fill an online health declaration form.

Speaking at a press conference held by the HEOC, Deputy Chief Immigration Officer Mohamed Shifan said arrangements have been made to submit their health records online, before arriving and leaving the Maldives. Shifan said passengers departing from the Maldives must submit the form 12 hours before they leave the Maldives. He further said passengers visiting the Maldives must fill the form before their arrival.

Shifan said authorities can now communicate any concerns in advance with the timely arrival of the information. He said no declaration forms will have to be filled onboard.

The deputy chief immigration officer further said the form is available in languages of countries with a high tourist arrival to the Maldives, in addition to Dhivehi and English language. He said the introduction of the online form does not replace temperature checks, instructions to social distance and wearing masks during airport visits and travelling.