Parliament committee endorses Niumath Shafeeq as Children's Ombudsperson

The Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Gender has endorsed Niumath Shafeeq to the postition of Children's Ombudsperson.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih submitted the nomination to appoint a Children's Ombudsperson to the Parliament of the Maldives on June 15. The nomination of Niumath Shafeeq was passed unanimously by the parliament committee on July 12.

The Children's Ombudsperson is tasked with the protection and promotion of rights ensured under the Child Rights Protection Act. The ombudsperson is also responsible for making sure the relevant state institutions act in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. As such, the ombudsperson is responsible for monitoring and evaluating staff at the institutions tasked with protecting children's rights and carrying out inquiries on any violations.

The monthly wage of the Children's Ombudsperson of USD 2,265, which includes a basic wage of USD 1,618 and benefits worth USD 647, was approved by the parliament on June 9.