National shipping line says it is economically beneficial

Maldives State Shipping (MSS) has stated the launching of a national shipping line has been economically beneficial for the country.

Speaking during the webinar titled Tackling New Challengers in Shipping and Logistics organised by the National Federation of Maldivian Employers, Managing Director Abdulla Saeed said the establishment of MSS was crucial at a time of global pandemic although it was financially not making estimated profits. However, he said MSS has been important in delivering necessary medical and food supplies to the Maldives in addition to construction materials during a time most borders have been closed and transport temporarily suspended.

Expressing his content about the progress thus far, Saeed said the situation proved the importance and necessity for a national shipping line in the country. He said the establishment of MSS is also expected to offer opportunities to the development of the industry and to local seafarers.

MSS was established as a subsidiary of State Trading Organisation (STO) to reduce freight costs for local businesses in efforts to make imported goods more affordable to the people. The company established with 99.99% share from STO and 0.01 percent share from Fuel Supply Maldives Private Limited began its operations last April.

STO expects to generate a better revenue with the MSS and reduce freight charges paid to overseas companies.