30 resorts to resume operations on July 15

Ministry of Tourism has revealed 30 resorts will resume operations on July 15, when the Maldives reopens its borders for tourists after more than three months.

The tourism ministry said resorts will resume operations on different dates, with a total of 34 resorts scheduled to be operating by the end of July. In addition, the ministry revealed 21 resorts will resume operations from August with a total of 25 resorts starting operations by the end of the month.

The ministry said another 28 resorts will restart operations in September and 46 will return to operations in October. Further, two resorts are scheduled to reopen in November, 1 resort in December and another in January. The ministry stated eight resorts have not yet set reopening dates.

The Maldives operates a total of 166 resorts with a total combined bed capacity of 37,522. The resorts are aiming to restart operations and revive the tourism industry after it has been hardly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.