Parliament launches inquiry into environmental damages of Gulhifalhu development

Parliamentary Committee on Environment and Climate Change has launched an inquiry on the environmental damages caused by the port development project in Gulhifalhu.

The committee decided to conduct an inquiry into the matter after several people raised concerns about the irreversible damage the project is causing on nearby reefs and lagoons. Drone pictures from the region have indicated the sediment plume from land reclamation works in Gulhifalhu is spreading directly towards the reefs of nearby Villimale’, endangering over 30 dive sites including the Hans Hanss Point, which is a marine protected area since 1995.

As part of the inquiry, the parliament committee has decided to summon senior officials of the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Planning and National Infrastructure and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) consultant of the project. They have been asked to present at the committee meeting scheduled for June 6.

Meanwhile, EPA has stated it is closely monitoring the reclamation works in Gulhifalhu. EPA stated necessary steps will be taken to ensure mitigation measures are taken as per the approved EIA report of the project.