NIC must be effective to hold enforcing agencies accountable: Home Minister

Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdulla has stated the National Integrity Commission must be fully functional in carrying out its duties in order for the body to hold individuals from law enforcement agencies accountable.

In a tweet, Minister Imran stated Ministry of Home Affairs continuously works to strengthen polices in order to prevent prejudice and inhumane actions by both the police and correctional officers. However, he stated NIC has been mandated with taking actions against individuals from enforcing agencies who violate the law.

Minister Imran said Clause 1 of the National Integrity Commission Act which states that purpose of the act is to establish a commission to strengthen the integrity of law enforcement agencies in the Maldives and the employees of such agencies. He added the clause also states the commission must establish procedures and guidelines to investigate cases related to those institutions and establish the responsibilities, powers, scope of work, prerequisites and disciplinary standards of the members of the commission.

The home minister has indirectly criticised NIC at a time several parliamentarians have also voiced a similar rhetoric. Currently, NIC consists of five members of whom four were appointed to the commission by the administration of former president Abdulla Yaameen Abdul Gayoom.