Addu City Council relaxes restrictions on commercial activities

Addu City Council has relaxed restrictions on commercial activities in Addu City to allow shops to open during certain hours.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the Maldives, the city council had initially ordered the closure of all shops and businesses, except delivery services. However, businesses in Addu can now extend opening hours from 0600hrs to 1800hrs. The changes also permit salons to be kept open during the said hours.

Additionally, businesses interested in delivery services will be permitted to conduct the operations after attaining proper approvals from Social Support Desks established in all wards across the city. Furthermore, the council has also permitted to resume dine-in services in cafés and restaurants from 1800hrs until 2200hrs, starting from May 22-30.

After revising the measures, the council has urged the residents of the city to maintain social distancing and to wear facial masks when going outside. As a safety measure, the council has also called on the public to choose digital payments over cash payments.

Addu City Council has revised business hours after government announced plans to gradually ease restrictive measures in the country.