Family Court to begin conducting marriages via videoconferencing

Family Court of Maldives has decided to conduct marriages through videoconferencing.

The court has issued a policy which allows a couple to get married without being physically present at the court. The policy states a couple can now apply to get married via videoconferencing, with the guardian of the bride and allocated witnesses required to be present at the virtual marriage assembly.

The couple, along with the guardian of the bride and the allocated witnesses, must sign a document issued by the court before the videoconference marriage. Marriages conducted through videoconferencing will follow the same procedure as normal marriages.

Due to the lockdown imposed in the Greater Male' Region, family court had initially stopped conducting marriages. However, with the new policy in place, the court will begin conducting marriages of couples who had applied to get married when the court was closed due to the lockdown. While the policy was made effective from May 4, no marriage has been conducted through videoconferencing yet.