Male' City Council to open fish market for delivery services

Male' City Council has announced plans to open the Male' Fish Market for people to clean fish and provide fish deliveries to households in the capital city.

Speaking to PSM News, Mayor of Male' City Sifa Mohamed said the council is working to make the arrangements in a few days. Stating that raw fish is part of the staple food in the Maldives, Sifa said the public will not be allowed to go to the market to purchase fish, although the market will be open for people to clean fish and deliver to households. She said the council is also planning to open the local food and agricultural market in collaboration with Agro National Corporation.

The mayor said a better monitoring mechanism can be established by offering empty slots in the market to the state-owned company. Sifa further explained all the arrangements are part of efforts to ease daily lives during the lockdown imposed in the Greater Male' Region. She said the council first allowed retail stores to continue businesses by providing delivery services under a permit as the public depends on retail stores for daily essentials.

Explaining other plans of the council, the mayor of the capital city said efforts are also underway to resume wholesale operations in Male', considering requests from the public. She said any action the council takes will be based on the guidelines of the Health Protection Authority (HPA).