First shipment of staple food items arrives in Maldives from India

The first shipment of staple food items supplied by India has arrived in Maldives.

The cargo ship which arrived in Male' City from Tuticorin, India brought 500 metric tonnes of sugar and 993 metric tonnes of rice. The High Commission of India in Maldives revealed an additional 500 metric tonnes of sugar and 1,500 metric tonnes of rice will be brought very soon. The high commission also stated a shipment of 5,000 metric tonnes of cement, to be used in construction, is expected to arrive soon as well.

India has closed its borders as part of the efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. However, the Indian government has assured staple food and other essential items required by Maldives will be supplied without interruption. In this regard, India has supplied a 3-month stock of essential medicine to Maldives, despite temporarily suspending the export of medicine.

Speaking at a press briefing on March 25, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih assured there would be no shortage of staple food items within the next 10 months. He also assured the government will ensure food and other essential items are supplied to the people of Maldives without interruption.