Government not required to pay any fees to quarantine facilities

National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) has stated the government is not required to pay any fees to the quarantine facilities established in resorts.

Speaking at a press conference, Spokesperson of NEOC Mohamed Mabrook Azeez stated Ministry of Tourism has begun efforts to prepare an additional 1,000 isolation beds in the Greater Male' region under instructions from President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. Mabrook said the government has been receiving a lot of assistance from the tourism industry for the establishment of quarantine facilities, noting the government is not required to pay any fees to the facilities established in resorts. He said the maintenance costs of such facilities are covered by the resorts, noting the government is only required to pay the food expenses of the individuals placed under quarantine.

Quarantine and isolation facilities to be established in the Greater Male' region include Malahini Kuda Bandos Resort, Dhiggiri Resort, Biyaadhoo Island Resort and Holiday Island Resort. The spokesperson stated more facilities are expected to be confirmed by Ministry of Tourism within the next 24 hours.

During the press conference, Mabrook shared details of the number of individuals in quarantine and isolation facilities. In this regard, he noted 28 individuals are in the quarantine facility in Vilivaru, while 126 individuals are in the quarantine facility established in Hulhule' Island Hotel (HIH). Meanwhile, 16 individuals were reported to be in the facility in Velidhoo, while 59 individuals are currently placed under isolation in Fun Island Resort Maldives.

Speaking further, Mabrook said 590 samples have been tested for COVID-19 in Maldives while the number of positive cases remains at 13. The number of active positive cases is 10 after three individuals made a full recovery. Mabrook said all 10 individuals who are currently being treated for COVID-19 in Maldives are in stable condition.