Training for longline fishing to be conducted this year

Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture has decided to conduct training programmes for longline fishing, aimed for local youth.

The fisheries ministry expressed the purpose of conducting this programme is to increase the income and profits of local fishermen working in Maldives. The ministry additionally stated the programme aims to train local youth in longline fishing which is targeted for catching bigeye tuna in Maldives. The ministry requested interested individuals to submit a letter for participation, and to provide identification and contact details before April 2.

Although longline fishing was legalised in Maldives in 2012, only a few fishermen currently use this method of fishing. It is also the only method of fishing that is legal for foreigners in Maldives. As a result, several concerns have been raised about foreigners gaining unjust benefits through this method of fishing. Following the investigation of complaints, the administration stopped issuing permits for longline fishing last year.

The fisheries ministry aims to train and provide more opportunities for Maldivians in longline fishing.