Rejoining Commonwealth symbolises commitment to engage with international community: President

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated Maldives re-joining Commonwealth symbolises the commitment of the administration to engage with the international community and to deliver domestic pledges to citizens in good faith.

In the official statement released expressing gratitude on being re-admitted to the Commonwealth, President Solih noted one key pledge of the administration has been fulfilled. In the statement, the president praised the Commonwealth as an organisation embodying the best of multilateral diplomacy, highlighting its past assistance to Maldives over the years and the fact it gives voice to over 50 diverse member states that span across the globe.

Furthermore, the president underlined the significant opportunities granted by the Commonwealth, highlighting the scholarship opportunities, sporting platforms and youth programmes among many other benefits Maldives can once again avail itself of by virtue of the membership. He underscored Maldives remains committed to the values enshrined in the Commonwealth Charter and in the Harare Declaration.

The Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland informed President Solih over telephone that Maldives has re-acceded to the Commonwealth of Nations as its 54th member. With the membership, Maldivian diplomatic missions in Commonwealth countries will change from embassies into high commissions, which will be symbolised through flag raising ceremonies.

The Maldivian flag will be raised at Marlborough House, the Common Secretariat, on February 6.