Maldivians must unite to compete in the international arena: Home Minister

Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdulla has called on all Maldivians to unite and work with the government in its bid to progress and transform to a developed nation.

Speaking at a special function to mark the Republic Day, Minister Imran said Maldives faces various challenges in pursuing the trails of the strongest voices in the international arena, calling the people to strategically consider the challenges to moving forward at a faster pace. He also called the administration to always put the nation first instead of working for personal gains, insisting the state to observe its responsibility of loyalty towards the people at all times.

Further, the home minister called the people to unite with the government, calling the people to be responsible as individual rights call for individual responsibilities. He further said individual responsibility is key to establishing peace and harmony in a society.

The minister said the actual beneficiaries of the republic is the people and requested everyone to consider the practices of a republic nation. He also praised the efforts of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to re-establish the practices of a republic after depressing times.

The Republic Day is celebrated to mark the transformation of Maldives from a monarchy to a republic for a second time on November 11, 1968.