City Council to establish rainwater storage facilities in the capital

Male' City Council has announced plans to establish two rainwater harvesting systems in its attempts to stop flooding in the capital city.

Speaking on a programme aired on PSM News, Mayor of Male' City Sifa Mohamed said the storm water pumps installed by the previous administration do not drain water out of the city quickly enough. Therefore, Shifa said the roads are flooded immediately following heavy rain in the capital causing difficulty for road users. She said the council is working to establish rainwater harvesting systems to mitigate the issue of flooding in the city.

The system will harvest rainwater and store them at two locations in Male' for later use. The council is also working to launch the technical plans of the solutions to flooding in Male'.

The primary cause of flooding in Male is the Ring Road around the capital and the Rasfannu area lay higher than the roads within the city which limits water drainage, according to the mayor. She further identified West Park as the area that floods the most in Male'.