Addu City to develop 4,000 tourist beds

Ministry of Tourism has signed an agreement with Addu City Council to develop 4,000 tourist beds in guesthouses and hotels to enhance local tourism in the city. Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed signed the agreement on behalf of the ministry, while Mayor Abdulla Sodiq signed the agreement on behalf of Addu City Council.

Speaking at a press briefing, Minister Ali Waheed explained the agreement was signed as part of the Fifth Tourism Master Plan to develop tourism in the North and South of Maldives. The 4,000 beds to be develop is part of the 8,000 beds pledged by the government to be developed across the country.

Speaking to the press, Mayor Sodiq explained land plots have been allocated in 6 areas to develop guesthouses and hotels. He explained the areas had been selected based on the marketability of Maldives tourism in the areas chosen.

The land plots will be announced for tenders in October. He further explained the work council is doing to develop the concepts for land plots.

Land plots of 500 square feet size has been allocated guesthouses while the size of the land plots for hotels are 10,000 square feet. Sodiq also explained that a plot of up to three hectares can be allotted based on the investment for the business.

Developing tourism in the North and South of the country is one of the pledges of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. Under the initiative, Ministry of Tourism has also started tourist facility development projects in Vaadhoo, Mathiveri and Nolhivaram.