Garages violate permit to carry unauthorized businesses: Male' City Mayor

Mayor of Male' City Council Sifa Mohamed has revealed many garages in Male' City conduct other businesses violating the business permits.

Speaking at a press conference addressing the recent fire and flooding in the capital, Sifa said land owners are initially offered a three-month temporary permit. She explained many businesses fail to attain the permanent permit and continue with their businesses. She also highlighted that many land owners are negligent and irresponsible when such businesses are run.

The mayor of the capital city demanded the administration to provide Male' City Council resources to supervise the city more effectively and efficiently, in addition to requesting support and assistance from government authorities. Sifa expressed the council plans to introduce city police to monitor the city more closely. She said with only 5 supervisors, the council is unable to carry its activities effectively. She further announced plans to begin a monitoring operation in the coming week in collaboration with Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF).

Furthermore, Male' City Council also shared the damages of the flood due to rain storm on Friday night. Speaking at the news conference, Deputy Mayor Shamau Shareef explained the council prepared and carried out diligence checks of water pumps after the weather alert from Maldives Metrological Service. These checks were carried to ensure the equipment are ready to be utilised in an event of flooding.

Shamau highlighted Male' City Council provided assistance for over 100 households due to flooding. Shamau further explained city council is working on a mechanism to monitor Male' more effectively and address the concern of over population.

The news conference was held after a fatal fire broke out at a chemical storage in the capital city on Friday night leaving one dead and hundreds homeless. On Friday night, a rain storm flooded the roads and homes of Male' city affecting 111 households.