Gulhifalhu port consultancy contracted to European joint-venture

Ministry of Finance and Treasury has contracted a European joint venture as the consultant for the planned international port in Gulhifalhu, for USD 1 million.

Ministry of Finance reported that the project has been contracted to a joint venture between Maritime and Transport Business Solutions from Netherlands, and NIRAS from Denmark. The sub-contractors selected for the project are Water Solutions, Clarion Maldives and Beach Rock Ventures. Ministry of Finance reported the joint-venture was awarded the consultancy work for approximately USD 1050,000.

The ministry explained, the contractors have been contracted as consultants for various mega projects across the globe; most of which were the development of transshipment ports. The contractor is expected to undertake relevant research, accumulate applicable documents and develop the masterplan and the architectural drawings required for the project.

The Gulhifalhu Port Project, which aims to ease the flow of cargo within the greater Male' region, is a priority of the government. The government intends to develop transshipment ports in the North and South of the country, in addition to Gulhifalhu Transshipment Port in the central region.