President states education policy aims to develop talent at an early age

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that this administration's inclusive Education Policy aims to seek and develop the talents of every child at an early stage. He made the remarks at a special ceremony held Wednesday night, to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Alifushi School.

President Solih noted, Alifushi School has been operating in various capacities for nearly 80 years even though the school is officially celebrating its Golden Jubilee today. Speaking about the administration's Education Policy, the President said that every student may not excel at academia, however, they may shine in other, more creative, capacities.

That special attention is given to including vocational training within the curriculum so that every child grows up able to contribute to the progress of the nation in various capacities, the president added. Emphasizing the work of seasoned boat builder, Ali Hassan from Alifushi Island, who has successfully completed several masterworks, some of which had been ordered by companies and parties abroad, President Solih noted that the special attention needs to be given to promote and nurture such talents from early childhood.

The President highlighted that true development is initiated when every member of the society contributes to the development of their island and their communities with that vision incorporated into their minds strive to contribute in creating a more civilized society. The President added that the administration's Education Policy embraces a curriculum that nurtures such qualities in students.

President Solih urged all students to make the best use of the opportunities at hand and to grow up to serve the country as exceptional individuals.