Future looks bleak without judicial reform: Parliament Speaker

Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed says judicial reform is critical to overcoming the precarious grounds the Maldives is in as a result of extremist ideologies.

Speaking at the inauguration of Court Administrators' Workshop organised by Department of Judicial Administration (DJA), Speaker Nasheed blamed the Supreme Court, which he believes had succumbed to political powers and overstepped its bounds, for the current situation. He repeated his rhetoric about the deep state operating in Maldives.

The speaker explained foreign militant groups have developed and expanded due to local support and that the fighters who travelled abroad have run various activities to capture strategic positions in the government. Nasheed said the powers of the government begins with people and that the people uphold the government as stated in the constitution. He also highlighted on the end of his presidency in 2012, hinting actions that led to his resignation were carried out against the wishes of the people. Officials from the judiciary are most aware of this distinction, according to the speaker.

The former president further said that in a state where separation of powers is observed, no one supreme power shall interfere with the other as it will cause chaos within the system. He said he has witnessed the damages such interferences have caused Maldives.

The Supreme Court, sometimes has stepped out of its bounds more than a few dozen times and every single time the people suffered its consequences, according to Nasheed. He said the duty of judges are not to carry out administrative duties of the courts but to deliver justice.

Nasheed concluded his address stating the work to reform is a significant task.