Policies to be focused on youth achieving their dreams

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has revealed the policies of the administration focus on youth achieving their dreams.

Speaking at the Youth Wing Conference organised by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), President Solih highlighted lack of employment opportunities and inadequate housing are mostly experienced by youth. The president assured the administration strives to provide more opportunities such as education opportunities for youth.

Furthermore, the president said the administration will ensure all the needs of the youth are met, adding youth in Maldivian prisons is at 65 percent. He added youth can be given a better future if the administration is successful in providing better jobs, housing and education. He expressed the administration believes youth should not spend the peak of their lives in jail, adding rehabilitation programmes would be conducted to ensure they return back to the community as better citizens.

President Solih said MDP Youth Wing Conference shows the strength of younger people in the party and spoke on the prospects the party opened for youth over the years.