Tourists choosing Maldives as a cruise destination decrease significantly

The number of tourists arriving in Maldives to spend holidays in safaris and liveaboards have decreased significantly, according to the statistics published by Ministry of Tourism.

The statistics shows there was a significant in the number of tourists spending holidays in safaris and liveaboards, while the number of tourists choosing safaris and liveaboards was at 32.3 percent in January, 40.1 percent in February and 40.9 percent in March. In April, the number of tourists favouring tourists in safaris and liveaboards was recorded at 36.6 percent, while the amount dropped to 20 percent and 9.4 percent in May and June respectively.

National Boating Association of Maldives said it has shared concerns on the decrease in tourists with Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC). The association attributed the sudden drop in tourists to not effectively promoting safaris and liveaboards at international exhibitions and fairs. The association added most tourists arriving in Maldives does not have enough information or knowledge on the services provided at safaris and liveaboards.

The National Boating Association has now decided to hold several roadshows to promote safaris and liveaboards in the international market. In this regard, as part of the efforts to promote Maldives as a cruise destination, the association aims to hold several roadshows aimed at the South East Asian market and Europe.