Somebody must be held responsible when state has to pay compensation: MP Azim

Majority Leader of Parliament Ali Azim has claimed there needs to be a person or a group of people from the state who should be held responsible, when courts order to pay compensation for damages and financial loss.

Speaking to PSM News, Majority Leader Ali Azim said it is impossible for the state to keep paying compensation for damages and losses, noting the importance of identifying the cause of such negligence. Azim revealed necessary action needs to be taken against those who are responsible when courts order to pay huge sums as compensation. In this regard, he said when the state is being asked to compensate for the loss caused over an agreement or something similar, the adviser or the person who made the agreement must be identified and held accountable for the actions.

Further, the parliamentarian expressed if a certain ministry violates an agreement it is obliged to follow, the minister or the people involved in the situation must be asked to recompense and settle the payment. Azim also claimed seeking compensation from the government is the new form of robbery in the country. He further alleged some cases were concluded unjust in the courts, highlighting the importance of reforming the justice system to avoid any further losses to the state. Moreover, he said laws need to be changed to accommodate aforementioned issues to allow the real perpetrators to compensate rather than the state bearing the costs and responsibility.