Parliament passes bill to distribute 10% as service charge for resort employees

The Parliament of Maldives has passed an amendment to distribute at least 10% as service charge for all employees working in resorts. The decision was made unanimously with 75 votes.

While presenting the researched amendment to the floor, the Parliament Committee on Economic Affairs noted employers are not mandated by any law to disburse service charges. However, the committee said while 10% is taken from guests as service charge, in order to promote uniformity in regulations followed by all resorts, it has been decided to mandate all resorts to distribute service charge for all the employees. Furthermore, the committee stated at least 10% can be taken as service charge.

Meanwhile, not disbursing service charge accordingly is a complaint received from many resort employees. They also claim there are discriminations among employees of the same resort when the allowances are distributed.

On various occasions, resort employees have demanded to allocate at least USD 648 as service charge across the country.