19 regions to be developed in Maldives

Minister of National Planning and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam has revealed the National Development Plan will define strategies to develop Maldives by 19 regions including primary regions, sub regions and cluster regions.

Speaking at a press conference held at President's Office to update the media on the latest developments, Planning Minister Aslam said since the ministry was newly formed, works were initially focused to formulate the vision of the ministry and compiling the development plan for the country. The minister stated importance is being given on compiling the National Development Plan to be launched after including in the State Budget 2020.

The National Development Plan will determine development projects to be conducted in the country for the next four years. Noting a large percentage of the plan has been completed, the minister said the final plan will identify financing options for separate projects and timelines.

Furthermore, Minister Aslam revealed 8 separate meetings including representatives from relevant government ministries and independent institutions have been held to finalise the plan. Highlighting one main aim of the plan is to eliminate congestion in Male' City, the minister stated development projects will be conducted inclusive of all islands. In this regard, he noted 19 regions of different levels will be developed.

The planning minister reiterated the plan will be completed within the upcoming months. Upon completion, the plan will be submitted to the parliament and opened for public recommendations.