EPA fines Ministry of National Planning And Infrastructure

Environment Protection Agency (EPA) imposes a fine of over USD 57,000 on Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure, citing the Sina-Male' Bridge construction project was carried out in contravention of the Environmental Protection and Preservation Act.

It was notified that a large amount of garbage was dumped onto the waters surrounding the bridge, according to EPA. Upon conducting an inspection, in collaboration with Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF), the agency revealed it has now found evidence that a large amount of iron has been dumped into the waters surrounding the bridge.

EPA said despite instructions, the then Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure failed to notify the agency when an incident occurred that contravened the initial Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The agency also added attempts to communicate with the ministry had also failed.

For carrying out activities in contravention of the Environmental Protection and Preservation Act, with regard to the Sina-Male' Bridge construction project, the ministry was fined to the tune of USD 57,610.

The planning ministry has been instructed to complete the payment within thirty days.