MMPRC to prioritise promoting guesthouses and liveaboards

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has stated efforts are underway to promote guesthouses and liveaboards.

Speaking to PSM News, Managing Director Mohamed Thoyyib said MMPRC has planned various activities to promote local guesthouses and liveaboards. In this regard, Thoyyib said MMPRC would provide easier opportunities for guesthouse and liveaboard owners to participate in international exhibitions and fairs.

MMPRC has been promoting Maldives as a tourist destination in various international platforms. As part of the efforts, the corporation would be holding a Visit Maldives Expo in Kuala Lumpur with 18 exhibitors from Maldives.

The three-day expo would be participated by Maldivian resorts, guesthouses and travel agencies and would prioritise the promotion of guesthouses.

Maldives currently boasts 548 guesthouses, with 8,918 beds in operation.