Opportunity to operate businesses for 24 hours are open nationwide

Ministry of Economic Development has stated the opportunity to operate businesses for 24 hours are open nationwide.

Speaking to PSM News, Registrar of Companies Mariyam Visam said the economic ministry has decided to grant permissions to operate businesses in atolls for 24 hours, similar to Male', Hulhumale' and other cities. She stated necessary information has been provided to local councils, adding the councils now have the authority to grant permission for businesses in their respective islands upon request.

Until May, the ministry has given permissions for 14 businesses in Male' City and 13 businesses in Addu City to operate for 24 hours. Shops that are given permission to operate for 24 hours must make arrangements to provide services in all hours, except for prayer times.

Permits will be granted only for the businesses that apply and only if the businesses meet the requirements, according to economic ministry.