Adeeb will not be given opportunity to flee: Home Minister

Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdulla has assured former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb will not be given the opportunity to flee during his time abroad to attain medical treatment. The home minister made the statement when he was summoned to the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations. Along with the home minister, Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed, Commissioner of Prisons Abdulla Munaz and officials from Maldives Correctional Services and Maldives Immigration were summoned to the committee in the wake of the authorities giving permission to Adeeb to travel abroad for medical treatment.

Speaking at the committee, Home Minister Imran said Adeeb will travel to India for medical treatment from June 14-26. The minister said Adeeb was given permission to travel abroad as his medical treatment was not available from Maldives. He added arrangements would be made with more security measures when he is in India.

The former vice president will travel to India on a travel document issued by Maldives Immigration.