Most imports to Maldives in May was from China

Maldives Customs Service has revealed most imports to Maldives in May was from China.

Goods worth over USD 233 million were imported to Maldives, out of which 22 percent were from China, according to statistics. The second most number of goods were imported from UAE which amounted to 21 percent of total imports. The statistics showed that while goods worth USD 52 million were imported from China, goods worth USD 49 million were imported from UAE.

Moreover, goods worth USD 27.5 million were imported from Singapore, goods worth USD 19 were imported from India and goods worth USD 13 million were imported from Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, goods worth 15 million US dollars were exported from Maldives, with most goods exported to Thailand, according to statistics. 47 percent of the goods were exported to Thailand which amounts to USD 7 million. The second most number of exports were to Germany which amounted to 1.748 million US dollars.

Additionally, goods worth USD 841,854 were exported to the US and goods worth USD 647,580 were exported to Vietnam.