Foreign Minister says Maldives have rock solid relationship with India

Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid has said the relationship Maldives have with India now is rock solid.

Speaking to Indian newspaper, The Hindu, the Maldivian foreign minister said there is mutual respect from both countries. The foreign minister said both Maldives and India understand it is to the benefit of both countries to cooperate on development, security, and every facet of relations. It is mutual respect and understanding that has taken us to this new level of relationship and cooperation, the minister said.

Speaking about the security of the region, Minister Shahid said, ‘’Maldives is the guardian of the Indian Ocean, because it straddles the middle of that region. Therefore, the responsibility that is on us to make sure that we work with all countries in addressing such issues is fundamental. The threats that are faced by countries, including the Maldives, India, Sri Lanka and the U.S., have no boundaries, no religion. It is pure evil.’’

The foreign minister said Maldives will play its role in making sure its intelligence agencies and security forces and border control officers work with all international partners. He added threats to the security of the region can only be confronted successfully by making sure the countries put aside differences and working together.