Two Maldivians remanded again by Sri Lankan court

Maldivian Ambassador to Sri Lanka Omar Abdul Razzak has stated two Maldivians are still in custody in Sri Lanka as clearance from three authorities have been delayed due to administrative reasons.

The Sri Lankan Magistrate Court extended the remand period of two Maldivians for the third time. They were arrested in nationwide search operations conducted by Sri Lankan security forces following the series of blasts on April 21. They were arrested after a book on information regarding ISIS was found in their apartment.

Speaking to PSM News, Ambassador Omar Abdul Razzak revealed Sri Lankan authorities have currently strengthened implementing anti-terrorism laws in the country. Every person in custody must pass clearance from Sri Lanka's Criminal Investigation Department, State Intelligence Service and Terrorism Investigation Department to be released, noted ambassador.

Further, the ambassador said as several people were arrested during raids following the blasts, the administrative work of the authorities are delayed, assuring there is no other issues.

A further hearing on the case is scheduled for Tuesday. The Maldivian ambassador expressed hope they receive clearance by Tuesday.