Japan’s Grant Aid project ISDB-T awards to NBK Corporation

The project ISDB-T conducted in Maldives under the Japan’s Grant Aid has been awarded to NBK Corporation of Japan.

Ambassador of Maldives to Japan Ibrahim Uvais attended the bid awarding ceremony of the project ISDB-T in Tokyo. The ceremony was also attended by officials from NBK Corporation including the Chief Executive Officer Yukio Kurabyashi. Chief Operating Officer Mohamed Saeed signed the contract on behalf of Public Service Media (PSM) and Company Director Masukazu Dazai signed on NBK Corporation’s behalf.

The project is funded by a Grant Aid from Japanese Government and is aimed to contribute to the improvement access to information of the nationals of Maldives and to resolving disparities in information dissemination through development of a digital terrestrial television network. The network will also serve as an early disaster warning system preparedness.

The implementation of the project will begin in the near future and is expected to be completed by 2020.