NDMA urges to take preventive measures to minimise damages

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has advised to take early preventive measures to minimise the damage from flooding and severe wind as the weather in most parts of the country is expected to worsen in the coming days. NDMA made the remarks at a press conference held to inform the public on the latest situation of Fonadhoo in Laamu Atoll following a tornado which hit the island causing massive damage.

Speaking at the press conference, Deputy Chief Executive Umar Fikuree stated the situation of the island is being monitored very closely by NDMA, adding assessments are currently underway to assess the damage. He said NDMA has established an emergency centre to assist the affected families.

Moreover, Director General Sofeenaz Hassan called to take earlier preventive measures to minimise any damage which may be caused due to bad weather. In this regard, Sofeenaz appealed to protect households and valuable goods and to place sand sacks to prevent water from entering households. She also urged to be well aware on the latest weather updates and alerts by Maldives Meteorological Centre.

The tornado which hit Fonadhoo caused damage to 12 households, with 6 families changed to temporary shelters.