Maldives takes part in Annual Marine Diving Fair in Tokyo

Maldives have taken part in 27th annual Marine Diving Fair in Tokyo, Japan from April 5-7.

Maldives will be represented by Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) together with the Maldives Embassy in Japan along with the industry participants. The delegation will be headed by Ambassador of Maldives to Japan Ibrahim Uvais.

During the three day event, various activities will be carried out at the Maldives booth to attract visitors. The activities include, local food tasting, bingo game at the stand, where the winner will be given a free holiday package to the Maldives sponsored by Liyela Retreat.

Moreover, a presentation will be given at the fair to deliver information about the various products and the diving segment of Maldives. A Q&A quiz will be carried out at the stand, where the visitors who participate in the quiz will get a special gift. In addition to the activities, meetings will be held with industry professionals to discuss on further developing the strategies to tap the potential travelers.

Marine Diving Fair 2019 will be a platform to reach a large number of scuba divers and marine enthusiasts. Furthermore, it is expected, that participation will benefit in strengthening the market presence of Maldives in Japan and South East Asia region.

The Japanese market is the 9th source market to Maldives, according to the most recent arrival figures published by Ministry of Tourism. By the end of February, 3,987 Japanese arrivals were recorded, which is a growth of 6.5 percent compared to the previous year. In 2018 a total of 42,304 arrivals were recorded, which is a growth of 2.8 percent. Its been noted the dive segment of Maldives attracts the most visitors from Japan.

Thereby, Marine Diving fair opens a great platform to reach the travelers focusing in the dive segment, according to MMPRC.