ECM to decrease number of ballot boxes for parliamentary elections

Elections Commission of Maldives (ECM) has decreased the number of ballot boxes to be placed for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Speaking to PSM News, President of ECM Ahmed Shareef confirmed the total number of ballot boxes placed for the election is now 501. In this regard, Ahmed Shareef noted 144 ballot boxes will be placed in Male', Villimale' and Hulhumale'. He expressed 357 boxes will be kept in atolls, resorts, industrial areas, jails and other countries.

Initially, ECM announced a total of 507 ballot boxes would be placed for the elections. However, after the decrease has been made on the

ECM revealed the upcoming parliamentary elections will be contested by 389 candidates. While ECM has finalised the number of candidates and the candidate numbers, 31 women and 358 men are running for 87 seats, including 175 candidates are contesting individually. A maximum of 1-thousand votes can be cast for each box, according to the electoral body.

ECM said 264,589 people are eligible to vote in the parliamentary elections, scheduled to be held on April 6.