Squid fishing equipment given to seven individuals

Ministry of Fisheries, Agriculture and Marine Resources has handed over equipment used for squid fishing to seven individuals.

According to Fisheries Ministry, the equipment were handed over to participants who completed the training focused on squid fishing programme held by the ministry. The equipment was handed over at a ceremony held at Kan'du-oiy-giri of Kaafu Atoll by Minister of Fisheries, Agriculture and Marine Resources, Zaha Waheed.

Addressing the ceremony, Minister Zaha revealed, the programme is held as part of the initiation within the 100-day pledge policy to introduce more varieties of fishing to Maldives. The minister said, this is a beginning which would encourage fishermen to develop the sector.

The training programme, opened for people of all ages, was conducted for two days. Participants expressed gratitude for conducting such a programme.

According to the Ministry of Fisheries, squid fishing will further benefit the fisheries sector of the country.