Maldives to launch first Medical College in April

Vice Chancellor of Maldives National University (MNU) Dr. Fawaz Shareef has revealed teaching programmes will commence in April at the medical college developed in Dharumavantha Hospital.

Speaking on a programme aired on PSM News, Vice Chancellor Fawaz Shareef assured the programmes of the medical college will commence in April, even though the development of the hospital building is not complete. In this regard, Fawaz added if handing over of the floors from the building is delayed for any reasons, the programme will commence at MNU for students applying for the programmes of medical college, assuring necessary facilities will then be established in the Faculty of Health Science.

Following the introduction of government financing project for undergraduate programmes, the university has opened opportunity until March 3 to apply for the courses. Fawaz said the recruitment procedure for medical courses will be different compared to other programmes, revealing special medical tests and interviews must be completed by students.

The medical college will consist of 3 laboratories, a lecture hall, 4 classrooms and a library.