Tourism Ministry calls on councils to report unlicensed guesthouses

Ministry of Tourism has appealed not to host tourists at any residence without attaining the necessary permits.

The tourism ministry revealed that on being notified about several cases where tourists are being hosted at venues that do not have the necessary operating licenses, the ministry has requested Maldives Police Service to launch an investigation into the matter.

In a statement issued expressing concern about the issue, the ministry called on local councils to inform the ministry within 30 days, if any such lodging houses are being operated in inhabited islands, without the proper operating licenses. The ministry also gave a duration of 30 days for those operating such lodging houses without the proper documents to submit proposals to upgrade the venues and in turn renew their licenses.

The tourism ministry has launched a special drive to inspect service centres operated for tourists across the country. The drive, launched on February 7, is scheduled to be continued until September 7.