MDP to publish the financial statements of all 86 candidates

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has decided to publish the financial statements of the 86 candidates it will be fielding in the parliamentary elections.

Speaking to media regarding the campaign for parliamentary elections, Deputy Secretary General and Campaign Spokesperson of MDP Afshan Latheef revealed all candidates have been provided with a format to fill in their financial statements. All candidates must send their financial statements to the party secretariat before February 14, according to Afshan Latheef. She said the decision to publish the financial statements is to ensure the transparency of the candidates, adding the statements will be uploaded to the website of the party.

The main ruling party submitted the candidature forms to elections commission on February 6 to compete for 86 constituencies. However, Elections Commission rejected 10 candidature forms submitted by MDP citing incomplete information. Commenting on the rejected forms, Afshan said MDP has begun completing the incomplete forms, adding the forms will be submitted to the electoral body before the deadline.